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Unlike many of the available Tools, Africa Service Solutions developed all the Tools keeping in mind to be simple and intuitive, making it an application that is easy to learn, use, and implement. There is multiple functionality that really shows it is a customer-oriented Solution. Thinking about your Data! Security! and Network! nothing to Worry about this!! you can Deploy these applications on your own server and within customer premises. Hereinafter nothing like bread and butter for the Vendor.

We have industry expertise in Devlopment and Support Services.

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Looking for some consultancy, assistance or guidance? Whatever your business size you always get the best value for money. Even some of the Tools are available on free trail run basis for limited time and based upon the usability experience and end user feedback same will be deploy further.

There are plenty of options available our design Team will understand the complex requirement, design Y-Frame get it approved. Forum and email support is further available included telephonic support to start with setup is as fast and simplified as much as possible to allow Customers to reach and engage both their current customers and targeting future upcoming clients.
Application Development, Support & Consulting Services
Someone has rightly said:

“If you wish to plan for a year, sow seeds,
If you wish to plan for 10 years, plant trees,
If you wish to plan for a lifetime, develop people.”
Automation and Efficency is an attempt to improve performance by Decreasing day to day mistakes and Increasing sucessful delivery usually by changing current Ways of Working towards next step of automation & Tools.

We can also help your organisation grow by training and developing your most valuable asset simply by providing training services to scale up the skills and knowledge of your employees.
Telecom-Wireless related Product offered
– Smart Access Control System
– Smart Fault Monitoring System
– Smart Health Checkup System
– Smart Reporting System
– Auto Alarm Clear Engine
– Network Dashboard Tool
– On Demand Health Check-up System
IT & ITES related product offered
– Employee Tracking System
HRMS ( Human Resource Management System)
HMS ( Hospital Management System)
School Mangement System
– File Mangement & Tracking System ( Office Automation System)
– Tools & Security Audit
– Training & Consulting
– Mobile App Design & Development
– Website Design & Development
– Application Development
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